Chapter 1

Finding your vision for change

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You’re ready to start changing yourself and changing the world. Where do you start?

A good place to begin this journey is to think about where you want to end it – to find your destination. Map out how you want to transform the world by imagining your vision of the future. 

To help you, try this simple exercise: 

Visioning meditation
  • Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes. Notice your breath, feel the ground underneath you, supporting you, and feel into your body. Relax. 
  • Imagine you are looking through a portal 50 years into the future you’d like to see. 
  • When you arrive, walk around and notice what this world is like. What has changed from the way things are today? What problems have been resolved? What feels good? Feel into the difference. 
  • Slowly open your eyes and note down your ideas for a positive vision of the future.

How was it? Could you see your vision for a fairer, more equal future?

Anchoring your social change work in your vision

Your vision tells you where you hope to end up, your destination, so you don’t get stuck worrying about how to get there. 

This starting point helps you to anchor your work for social change and gives you a goal to move towards. It can inspire and motivate you, as well as those around you. It also reminds you when not to compromise if and when you’re offered changes that won’t actually succeed in helping you reach the future you want to create.

Living your vision now

Deciding your vision can also help you think about how you live now and how you fight for change. If your vision is for a just, joyful and sustainable world, then look at your life and your activism and ask yourself: how can I bring justice, joy and sustainability into my everyday actions? 

We can start living the future we want right now simply by taking notice of the ways we relate to one another and to ourselves.

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