Chapter 2

Working together to achieve change: Why make change together?

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“No one is special, and everyone is needed”

Adrienne Maree Brown

You’re here to learn the skills you need to dream big to change the world.

How do you make those dreams a reality?

You’ll need to learn the skills and gather the tools to:

  • Focus in on an issue to campaign on
  • Build up a base
  • Find your allies
  • Understand your opponents
  • Build up your power so you can achieve your vision for a better world

Before you can start campaigning on an issue, you need to get organised and you need to get mobilised. The two are different – but both are vital. 

  • Mobilising 

You will need to find the people who already share your passion and determination for change. For example, many people already care about climate change and will readily come out to support the cause of climate justice. You just need to reach out to them and bring them along with you. 

  • Organising

Sadly, not everyone will agree with you on an issue at the very beginning. But through organising by building relationships, and therefore building power, with those people, you can build a greater force for change. You bring those people to your side by telling your stories, building trust, building relationships and joining forces with others in your community. You can’t win by preaching to the converted. Organising in this way helps you find new allies to your cause, even in the most unlikely places.

Most campaigns will require a mixture of organising (to come together with others to build power) and mobilising (showing the power you have through symbolic or strategic action). 

This chapter is mostly focused on organising. You’ll discover how to work with others to build your power base and achieve the change you want to see. 

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