Chapter 1

The world we’re fighting for

Welcome to your invitation to dream. Your invitation to imagine a better, fairer, more equal world. Your invitation to take action and start transforming society. 

This is your invitation to turn your vision for our future into reality. 

It doesn’t matter where in Europe you live – we all experience and witness injustice. But we also all have a chance to respond and change society for the better. 

That response could be launching a campaign for local community housing to tackle unfairness in your town or city. It might be a campaign for better global health, or for education opportunities for young people around the world. 

Whatever you do to fight for a fairer society, this is your opportunity to create a future where we all live in dignity and equality. 

The good news is, we aren’t starting from scratch when we begin to campaign for a fairer world. We live in a beautiful world full of stories and histories of change, transformation and visions of a society where we can all thrive. We are building on a rich history of struggle and resistance – a history we can learn from. 

Our world also carries the stories of those in power who have used their might and privilege to oppress and dominate. 

We can learn from both sets of histories as together we campaign for change and create a future where everyone can flourish – regardless of their background, race, religion, gender, class or disability. 

So, take this invitation. Together we will explore what you can do to change society, learn where power is held now and how to understand it, and understand the wider context to discover how change happens and create a fairer, more equal future for all. 

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