About us

We can all make a difference. The 25 Percent was created by young people, for young people, determined to help all of us raise our voices and change the world.

“We are young people who believe in the power of young people.”

We stand for young voices. As a community, we come together to share our ideas and passion, to empower us all.

Why do we exist?

Young people have been left out of decisionmaking for far too long. Time to make a change. We’re creating a new movement, one where all of us, the unheard 25% of people in Europe, can make our voices heard.

The first step is to get in front of decision makers. This year, we’ve got a unique chance to take our seat at the table and represent real ideas for a brighter tomorrow from young people at the Conference on the Future of Europe. To do that, we want to hear from you.

Be part of the movement

A new generation of diverse voices, united in our determination for change. All of us can play our part creating a brighter future for Europe.

How to use your voice

On our portal, you’ve got a unique opportunity to add your big idea on what the future of Europe should look like to our collection, and we’ll take it and represent it at the Conference.

But that’s just the start. Every voice has power, when we know how to use it. Discover how to make yours heard by the people around you, so you can make an impact on the things you want to change, at every level — in your community, your city, region, or even state and European level.

Share your idea

12 partners, 1 goal: Empowering young people

Change can only happen when we work together. Together with our partners, we’ve built up a network of activists and changemakers across Europe.