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How do you want the world to change? Share with us your ideas for a brighter future, and we’ll represent them at the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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Who will speak for us if we don’t?

We’ve been unheard for too long. It’s time to show the world what matters to you.



Everyone in Europe needs a voice. We’re collecting big ideas from young people to share with leaders at the European Union.



Let’s show them what we want! Write down your ideas for a better Europe — what changes do you want to see? You can use the form as many times as you like.


What happens next?

A group of researchers will read every idea, one by one — no machines, no computers, no AI. Then, their findings will be the basis for a new set of generational demands, prepared by young people.

young people

will be invited to Brussels to represent you and make sure your ideas turn into a real plans of action for the future.

Once all your ideas have been collected and understood, we’ll take them directly to the Conference to raise their profile and fight for the changes you want to see. We’ll keep you up to date with our newsletter.

Sharing your idea is just the start — there’s so much more you can do to change the world.