Chapter 4


What is it?

Storytelling is the most ancient form of communication humans have engaged with. 

Well before instagram stories, people used to come together to tell and hear stories: around the table, around the fire, in a theatre, in a cinema, over the phone. 

Through the stories of the other people, we can hear something that speaks about us and the world around us. It is a way of making sense of what is happening on a micro and macro level. When you speak to someone about your day, or tell someone about an experience you had, you are telling that story. You are putting that experience into a framework that helps your listener understand, empathise and interpret.

At the end of the day, we are the stories we tell.

Storytelling appeals to the core of who we are. Therefore, it’s a tactic that can really motivate people to take action. A story can be used to set an example, or to allow other people to follow you on the journey you went on to realise there are issues you care about and want to change. 

How do you do it?

There are infinite ways to tell a story.

You can tell stories via a video, a post, an exhibition, a performance, a conversation, or a meme. 

There are two things to consider when telling a story:

  1. What is your story about? Think about who your protagonist is, what sequence of events they followed, how they overcame obstacles, and how their story resolved in a new situation – good or bad
  2. Who are you telling your story to? Make sure your audience relate to what you are saying – they need to identify with your character and respond emotionally to the story you have to tell. 

Why and when should you use it?


Telling a story is the most effective way to convey your campaign message. 

Storytelling is the quickest and best way to make people understand what you are telling them and why your campaign is important. 

Stories cannot work on their own, however. Once you have engaged people emotionally with your story, make sure you have stats and data to persuade people why your solution to your issue works. You can also show examples of how other campaigns have taken similar actions with good results. 

Combine data with stories and you have a powerful campaign case. 

Works best in combination with:

Everything. It is the basis of engagement with people, so, get your story right!

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