Chapter 2

The story of self, us and now

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When we are telling stories to enable people to connect with our vision and values, we often want to inspire people to join us to take some kind of action. Using the structure of the story of self, us and now is a great way to do this in your campaign. 

  • Story of self: This is your personal story about the challenges you have faced, the choices you have made and the outcomes that have occurred. 

Works if: People understand your motivation for taking action and connect with it

  • Story of us: For people to want to get involved in a campaign, they need to understand that an issue affects them, that they have a stake in the issue, and that taking action will improve their lives. They want to feel part of a community that shares the same values. Your story of us will move people to act because they feel part of a wider ‘us’ – part of a collective, shared effort.

Works if: People feel they share the values that would inspire them to act. 

  • Story of now: This is a way of telling a story that shows the urgency of taking action now. Be specific: what is it about your issue that means we must act now? Your story will inspire people to pay attention by telling them what will happen if nothing changes – and the different future we could see if we take action together. 

Works if: People join you in the action. 

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