Teri aktivizmoski pustik

A guide to change

Do you want to make a change, but don’t know where to start? Do you have an idea for a campaign, but you lack the tools to create an effective strategy? You are a campaigner already and want to learn more about the different tactics you can employ, and when to use them?

The Handbook of The 25 Percent is the one-stop-shop for all young people who want to make a change. Explore the different chapters or pick the topics you are most interested in by navigating through Collections and Tags. Through 59 short articles and 24 activities the Handbook will guide you in all steps from identifying the cause you care about to building your own campaign.

Are you ready to create the world you want to live in?

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Chapter 1

A guide for self-growth & understanding change

In this chapter, you will learn how to decide what it is you want to campaign on and how to develop your vision for a better world. You’ll be challenged to consider your own biases, asked to think about how you can change yourself to change the world, and learn how to understand power.

17 articles
12 activities

Chapter 2

Working together to achieve change

In this chapter, you will discover how to inspire people to join your campaign, before discovering the skills you need to work collectively for change. You’ll learn how to tell your personal story that will capture the imaginations of fellow campaigners and the wider public – encouraging them to come on this journey towards change with you.

10 articles
5 activities

Chapter 3

Dive into the strategic side of things

Without a strategy, your campaign can risk drifting away from its target. When this happens, you can lose focus and, ultimately, lose support. In this Chapter, you can delve into practical exercises that help you plan your strategy and plot the steps you must take to reach your goal that will change the world.

7 articles
6 activities

Chapter 4

Find the knowledge to take action

This Chapter will provide you with practical tips on how to attract attention for your campaign actions, including how to engage with the media. Whatever tactics you choose, your campaign to change the world will always be grounded in your own vision for a better future. Your tactics will need to communicate that vision through storytelling and inspiring others.

25 articles

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