The final report of The 25 Percent is out!

Have you shared your idea on the future of Europe? Then your contribution is now part of our final report!

In the past year, we have been campaigning to give young people a voice on the future of Europe. Through local, national and international events, online and offline, through an online campaign and through presentations and visits to other organisations, The 25 Percent collected 12,000 ideas on the future of Europe in 16 EU languages and from 36 European countries.

Now, you can read the results of this big consultation in our final report.

And even though the Conference on the Future of Europe is over, this is a very important instrument for you and for everyone who wants to make a change!

It’s important to back your political demands with data, and thanks to this report you can rightfully say that your idea on the future of Europe, be it about sustainability, respect for diversity, or social equality, is shared by many other young people in Europe.

We want to thank each one of you who has contributed to this project. Only together is change possible!