Young people shape the future of Europe – your recommendations

Since June 2021, we have gathered your ideas on the future of Europe. We have talked to you during local and national events, online workshops and an online campaign. The over 4,000 ideas you submitted by the end of November 2021 have been read, analysed and summarised in a report.

But what happened then?

On 24 February 2022, we have invited over 100 youth activists, campaigners and change makers to discuss your ideas and turn them into concrete recommendations for the Conference on the Future of Europe.

They have worked in four groups, focusing on different thematics:

  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Jobs, Labour Market, Employments, and Social Rights
  • Education and Digital transition
  • European Democracy and values, migration, EU in the world

In total, they drafted 13 recommendations, which you can read here.

On the same day, they presented those recommendations to members of the Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe:

  • Alice-Mary Higgins, Senator, Ireland, Independent
  • Sirpa Pietik√§inen, MEP, Finland, EPP
  • Louis Tilemachou, Secretary General for European Affairs, Foreign Ministry of Cyprus.
  • Christian Buchmann, MP, Austria, √Ėsterreichische Volkspartei
  • Gabriele Bischoff, MEP, Germany, S&D
  • Brando Benifei, MEP, Italy, S&D
  • Laurence  Farreng, MEP, France, RE
  • Marc Angel, MEP, Luxembourg, S&D

We owe a great thank you to all the participants and moderators. Our gratitude also goes to the policy makers who decided to engage with young people and listen to their ideas. A special shoutout to the volunteers of the European Youth Parliament, who facilitated the drafting of the policy recommendations and gave us further input for the elaboration of the policy recommendations.