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European Democracy

Democracy is one of the European Union’s core values and should therefore be the number 1 priority in every decision made and policy proposed by the EU. Therefore, completing the  European integration needs to be quickly processed, so that the EU can reach its full potential to serve citizens at home and promote its values abroad. A united Europe can do more than any country alone in such areas as peace and security, climate action, economic stability, migration, human rights and public health, to name a few. The solution to guarantee European democracy therefore is the European Federation. This federation should embrace the whole continent in a democratic enlargement process and support similar integration efforts globally.

You can find our proposal for a European Federation, based on the ideas and values of young Europeans here

Youth Voices from our consultations

The conference should develop into an institution of the European Union where citizens can regularly participate to initiate ideas and proposals of their own, so that the democratic process in the EU is strengthened from the very bottom. It should become a citizens’ assembly and formalised common European event

Participant on the European Youth Event 2021

“I think that in order to ensure a real European democracy, we need a truly European citizenship that should also be above the current national ones”

Participant on the European Youth Event 2021

  • Creation of transnational lists in order to allow voters to choose candidates on the basis of ideological proximity, regardless of the nationality of the representatives
  • Reform of the European electoral system, through the harmonization of the electoral laws of each country in order to guarantee the same possibilities to all the European citizens.
  • Overcoming the right of veto in the Council, to make decisions more transparent and democratic.
  • Introduction of the possibility for EU citizens to directly vote the European parties without choosing national parties, it would make citizens feel closer to the institutions.

Participants in the local consultation in Florence

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