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Digital Transformation

With more and more parts of our lives happening digitally, Europe has to build strong digital networks and tools to face the digital transformation processes in the 21st century. This includes the digitalisation of education, providing students in all areas of Europe with educational material, as well as the digitalisation of administrative tools for direct democratic participation. Digital platforms, such as can become instruments of a vivid democratic life online. To provide everyone with the same possibilities, building digital bridges also means expanding the accessibility of technical means such as the internet, technical equipment and sufficient education about the use of online tools for all Europeans.

Youth voices from our consultations

“NGEU need to be renewed to ensure consistent investments to encourage and facilitate the digital transformation”

  Antonio, Italy

Currently there are a lot of opportunities for young people to discover Europe. The visibility and process are however a big point of improvement. I would suggest to make one application on which there is clear step by step information. This application should be really simple, having visibility as a top priority. Adding some gamification in the tutorial could also be of added value

Participant at the European Youth Event, Strasbourg  

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