3 easy steps to make change happen.

Step 1

Realise that your voice has the power to change the future. What change do you want to see? Think about your vision for the future of Europe, together we can make it reality

Step 2

Share your ideas(as many as you want!) in only a few easy steps. Fill in the form below and hit submit. It takes only five minutes to make a change!

Step 3

Every idea will be carefully read, analysed and discussed by humans. All the ideas gathered will be basic for a set of generational demands to be presented to decision makers.

My idea:

Equal access to broadband services

My idea:

More investment in scientific research

My idea:

Stop food waste

My idea:

More young politicians

Phen tjiri idea

Sikav amenge so kames te dikhes ando avindipe. Pisin tjire idei kathe thaj ame phenas len pe Evropake Avendipeski Konferencia. Shaj phenes but idei.

What happens next? Your ideas will be analysed, discussed and brought to decision makers.

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