Climate Change and the environment

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Climate Change and the environment

The world is struggling to meet the Paris Agreement commitment of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels. The climate crisis is growing, bringing irreversible changes to our planet. The EU will have to unite politically to become a global player promoting objectives of the Paris Agreement. This could include a series of incentives embedded in international trade agreements, support for green transition in the Global South, promotion of a global eco-tax, as well as sanctions for the most severe acts of environmental degradation by state and non-state actors.

Industrija ekologika u sostenibbli. Haja atijar encironmental pollution”  

Participant of a local consultation, Malta   

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Participant of a local consultation, Venezia

“I would like to see a more sustainable transport system that is accessible for everyone and that promotes more sustainable transportation choices”

Participant of the GreenY project training session in Slovenia

As regards Climate Change and Environment, they talked about sustainable mobility, identify three lines of work:

  • Public transport: essential for the ecological turnaround, particularly in large cities, it is, however, too often discarded by citizens. To mark a change of direction, it is essential to invest heavily in the condition of buses, to encourage young people to choose this alternative by designing offers that are convenient for them, and to better connect the centre to the suburbs. A city of the future should also aim to increase the number of dedicated lanes and restricted traffic zones in order to gradually discourage private transport
  • Soft mobility and electric vehicles: the ever-increasing advance of electric motors raises the question of the affordability of these new means of transport for the poor. In the future, therefore, if we really want to make our cities greener, we will have to start with the most disadvantaged people, whose vehicles are no longer up to date and who cannot afford to buy a new vehicle. Finally, it is essential to encourage the use of bicycles and scooters, which are often valid alternatives to cars, and to implement car/bike sharing services.
  • Education: from primary school onwards, the debate on ecological issues should be stimulated through workshops, meetings between schools, educational trips, games, training activities, etc., in order to raise awareness of the importance of making conscious and sustainable choices.

Participants in a local consultation in Genova

We should pressure our politicians to act to stop climate change. They need to make bold and ambitions policies and laws. Only then we can talk about progress”

Participant of the GreenY project training session in Slovenia

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